Stakeholder Dialogue

Quelle Fraunhofer IPK
Quelle Fraunhofer IPK

Stakeholder involvement is an essential part of the study to gather information they may have and / or views and opinions. This will be a two-way dialogue. On the one hand the stakeholders can receive important information about the study and its results and have the opportunity to comment on this information. On the other, stakeholders will be asked to participate in the information collection part of the study.

Stakeholders were invited to contact the contractors to get involved directly. In exceptional cases bilaterial meetings were held to discuss specific aspects and to clarify details of stakeholder involvement.


In order to keep stakeholders informed in more detail about the study progress, we listed on this page key public access documents in ‘Most recent first' order. The period to provide feedback is over now. 

Stakeholder Meetings

The objective of the meetings in Brussels is to inform about the status of the study, and to give stakeholders opportunities to share their views, and to secure consensus regarding particular issues. 3 such meetings were held in the course of this study.